Why Consider a Plant-Based Diet?

  • Expert Panel Hosts: Brian Clement, Dr. Hans Diehl, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Anna Clement
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    •The convergence of evidence suggests that an affordable plant-based diet can help prevent and even reverse some of the top killer diseases in the Western world, and can be even more effective than medication and surgery. This could save Medicare billions of dollars, but medical training continues to underemphasize nutrition education , in part, perhaps, because lifestyle interventions go against the prevailing conventional wisdom. The USDA, in formulating its dietary guidelines, has been accused of both acting with bias and ignoring relevant research. However, the most recent guidelines take a step in the right direction by recommending a shift to a plant-based diet, which Kaiser Permanente, the largest U.S. managed care organization, has moved in the direction of supporting. Lifestyle medicine attempts to find, prevent, and treat the causes of disease . Patients should receive fully informed consent for treatment, meaning they should be informed about all of their options including dietary changes. Doctors report they don’t practice preventative cardiology because they fear their patients won’t change their diet.
    The #1 killer in the US – heart disease – was found to be almost nonexistent in populations with diets centered around whole plant foods. Heart disease may be to be effectively treated with a plant-based diet because food is a package deal . Having “normal” cholesterol levels may be deadly, but can be effectively lowered with a whole foods, plant-based diet containing foods with known benefits. Not only cholesterol, but high blood pressure can also be prevented and reversed with a plant-based diet . Fatty streaks in the arteries of children as young as ten show that heart disease may start in childhood. The arteries of vegans appear healthier than even long-distance endurance athletes and those on low-carb diets.

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